Draw Something

Draw something is a very cool social application for drawing and guessing characters. Here you will sketch a picture, which may express words such as cars and flowers. Then send it to another player who guesses based on your drawing. When the answer is correct, both of you will be rewarding.

Drawsome’s game content

In Draw Something, the system will give you a word for you to draw. The main idea is the content of the name. When you do not play games with friends, you can choose the random mode, and the system will randomly match you with a player. After the painting is finishing, it will be sent to another player for him to guess. Only when he spelled the correct word correctly can you two get the reward.

Drawsome’s Game Features

When playing the game formally, you can choose the difficulty of the game. Secondly, it is purely a puzzle game. It is a two-player mode. I guess when you have no friends to play at the same time, you can choose a random manner and randomly match a teammate to play with you.  Draw something is social software, where you can make more friends, improve your knowledge of entertainment, and expand your circle of friends.

Draw something is a free platform for leisure and design.  You can design yourself heartily here, and you can also learn more painting skills to apply to the creation in your life.  The same game with the design is glitter force, where you can design any character to your heart’s content and turn it into a different style.

If you want to try some multiplayer games, then you can choose bonkio, which is a game that tests your wisdom very much. It would be best if you pushed all the enemies on the same platform down, and you also need to be quick to avoid the oppression and pursuit of the system. Too exciting is zombs royale. You must collect resources before you can have the capital and strength to face the search of zombies.  The quantity and quality of zombies will be released according to your ability, so you can spend enough time to grow and improve yourself.

Word wipe is a puzzle game. It would be best if you used your observation and word reserve to find words so that they can click on the correct lyrics from all directions.  Find as many words as possible.